Chamber Music

Vertical Breakfast for 4 Violins (2008)

A somewhat ‘ambientic‘ piece for violins. It lends its title from a quote by Ringo Starr and its structure from a Blackbird singing in our Garden one lovely morning while munching my (vertical) Breakfast. A performance of the piece you´ll find here.


Peter Hansen

A variation on ”If i may trust…” (2017)

Variation on a work for gongs and vibraphones i composed some 30 years ago. This work was specially prepared for a Concert in the church of Lenhovda autumn 2017. always…Yours

Peter Hansen

Triplex in 8 parts for violins (2001)

Celestial music for 8 violins. Gather your eight favorite violinist and have a break. Maybe not music for everyone but at last for a few?


Peter Hansen

Trio for trumpet, violin and piano (2015)

A trio for trumpet, violin and piano - i´ll say a rather unusual trio constellation. This little harmless thing was composed within a some sweet hours of the lovely summer of 2015. The house martins and swifts was swarming around chasing some afternoon snacks as the sun was setting and sounds of distant lawnmowers was painting their peaceful soundscapes..beers and lemonade..


Peter Hansen