Piano 2 hands

5 Small Piano Pieces

5 Piano Pieces. Some tricky, some untricky, some harmless, some unharmless… A stay at the Hotel Hohenfels, the historical stones of Avebury, a morning piece and a pastoral Lakeview…and some Alphatik riddles and rattles..youll found it here!

Your friend

Peter Hansen

2 Sonatinas for Piano

Tired of your regulary good old Hanon or Czerny finger workout? Why not for a change try out the first moment of the first Sonatina in order to keep your precious fingers in shape? The best of it…believe it ot not…it´s free! Free of charge! And there´s more! Tired after a heavy day of frustrating rehearsals? stressed after a row with a nerv-wracking and goofy concert organizer? Then a few minutes in company with the second moment is sheer relaxation and ointment for your troubled soul. Do you feel a craving playing cantilenas in cosy tenor position? Then try the third movement and enjoy! How about exercising some parallel thirds and sixths? those exciting, but alas so cumbersome and finger exhausting intervals? Why not then try out the first movement of the second sonatina and get two relaxing movement on top of that as a sheer bonus? And the best of it - it´s FREE! The sonatinas is composed in my own truly homemade Bandholm Style. A highly predictable structured flat soundscape where the enemy can be seen from afar and a fleeing Rabbit is visible in the fields miles away - even when hiding in the grass!
Yours sincerely

Peter Hansen


The Creaking Chapel

A somewhat sombre and contemplative piece of organix suitable for late night church concerts after a nice walk in the woods a lovely summer afternoon. And it´s…Freeeee!


Peter Hansen