Music for Services and Lodges

The Saint Andrew┬┤s Service - Music for Holy Communion

The music was composed in November 1996 and was intended for St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Gothenburg, where I served as organist from 1982 to 2014. However, it never came into use and was consequently shelved and forgotten. Some 20 years later, I rediscoverd the score by chance among some debris and rubbish in our attic. I decided to publish the original handwritten score on Facebook. There was a very positive response from a group of organists, among them Stephen Craig, one of my successors at St Andrew’s. He wanted to present the music to our congregation, so I undertook the task of revising the organ accompaniment and composed two new pieces - the Sursum Corda (November 28th, 2017) and the Gospel Acclamation and Verse (February 21st, 2018).

Soli Deo Gloria

Donsö March 26th, 2018

Peter Hansen

Masonic Music for Organ/Piano

Those tiny bits of music was derived from some old style improvisations performed during lodges in the 90s. It was first published 1997 but the material went thru some minor changes over the years due to improvisation. The versions in this collection therefore differs in comparison to the printed 1997 version. The music was mostly used in conjunction with processions, collections and other suitable occasions.
Donsö nov. 2016 Peter Hansen